The Book Club (iii)

28 April 2023, at 18:30
at the commons room in the exhibition we can only begin to notice at NiMAC
[τα θεωρητικά κείμενα είναι στα αγγλικά]

The Book Club by George Rallis comes to the commons room of we can only begin to notice for three sessions, investigating and challenging the gazes through which we read the world.

The third and final session is on: “You are Here: A Manifesto”

As the prologue to this trinary of critical reflections, Eileen Joy provides a step-by-step guide to how you can unlock your pathways of knowledge and allow for queer natality to take place. In order to embody our accumulated knowledge, a love poem will be communally created as a farewell gift.

About The Book Club:
The BC is a series of critical thinking workshops which hold a textual approach to critical thinking. With a natural relation to knowledge production and a casual deconstruction, George Rallis navigates the meanings and discourses which the assigned texts represent in order to paint a picture of social warfare and critical ailment. By approaching texts in a more direct analysis, what is unveiled is a personal reflection and an intimate bond with what academia usually withholds. The aim of this series of workshops is to provide a radical approach to non-visible and non-verbal issues which underline social currents, like the right to authorship, the ridicule of current economic states and a newly refound way to creation.
All that is asked of you is to show up. Reading the texts is not-mandatory, yet strongly advised as communicating always implies a common contextualization which will be needed and asked for when the act of sharing takes place. In order to embody the process which this body of knowledge will attempt, those who will join all three workshops will also have the space to produce a common love poem.
If you want to access the readings:
-email or
-send a message at quintessentiallyqueer on facebook