Open Up Performance laboratory Presentations 28.12.2021

Performance laboratory Presentations

PROGRAMME: Tuesday 28th December


Stage (by invitation only)

Title: In search for silence

Name: Elisavet Panagiotou

Duration: 15 minutes

Music: Michael Gordon, Timber

Support: Vassilis Philippou, Nayia T. Karakosta, Panayiota Nicolaou.

The unknown is usually unsettling to me.

I sometimes create it from scratch

It is within me, yet it’s not really mine.

It’s a familiar voice, articulating the same question over and over again.

I pretend I control it.


Stage (open to audience)

The performance will be in Greek

Τitle: Lost by Loss

Duration: 20 minutes

Choreography: Panayiota Nikolaou

Performers: Argyro Christodoulou, Eleni Mylona, Natalie Hadjiadamou, Panayiota Nikolaou

Video Art: Zakarias Larsson

Special Thanks: Elisavet Panagiotou

Lost by Loss is an installation performance in which the audience follow the performer while they are experiencing the moment together. The performance is based on death, which causes the pain of loss and the fear of the unknown.

“My biggest fear is death”.



Dressing room – mezzanine (open to audience to visit within the time slot, come-and-go)

Title: The Immovable Bodies

Artist: Ioanna Sinclair
Video Installation, projection on a loop
In this video installation Sinclair explores the relationships between recorded past actions on objects, the body being the moving force that creates the shift on to the object. The video, then, is projected on the immovable bodies.



Foyer (open to audience to visit within the time slot, come-and-go)

Title: Insert coin to continue

Performance & Idea: Noutsa Poulouzasvili (@noutsasnouts)

Technical development: Kyriakos Strouthos (@Kyriacos Teaser)

Insert coin to continue, a participatory performance

· Press the start button to play.

The piece is part of the on-going process of the artists’ interest in the critical theory “the society of the spectacle” by Guy Debort. The concept of “the spectacle” interrelates and explains a wide range of seemingly unconnected phenomena in a society that is mediated by images. Insert coin to continue addresses contemporary consumer culture by interconnecting it to the reality of artistic practice. With an open-ended approach, the performance is activated by the participant. The piece designs interactions between artist and audience members through a custom made controller, exploring the means of the relationships that shape the visual outcome.

Working Question: What determines the exchange and value of artistic goods?



All following pieces will be presented back-to-back in the theatre space (stage) and so audiences must stay sited throughout


Duration: 20′

Concept/research/composition: George Bizios

Performers/co-creation: George Bizios, Haris Iacovou, Angelos Messios, Maria Kasapi

A living organism is being redefined.


Title: coffee and wine

Artist: Katerina Paisi

Duration: 15 min

Do you remember the last Sunday

when I invited you to come for some fun,

you came at 3

and I left at 10?


Title: WASHING MACHINE (A work in progress)

Concept/Performer: Natalie Hadjiadamou

Music: Natalie Hadjiadamou

Voices: Argyro Christodoulou, Eleni Mylona

Support: Panayiota Nikolaou

Special Thank You to Argyro, Eleni, Panayiota, Lia Haraki, the Open Up

Performance Lab, and NIMAC.

My idea for this exceptional piece of machinery is more of an abstract “tribute” to it. It is to observe and revere its function and its usefulness. The time it takes to complete the whole process of doing the laundry. The repetition of this task. You separate the colours of the clothes to be washed. You place them in the

machine. You negotiate the amount of the detergent and the fabric softener. You choose the programme, and the wonderful journey begins. The water starts rushing into the machine, the automated measurements are being calculated, alongside the different clicking and clacking sounds. The seemingly endless turning, spinning, stopping and repeating of the movement. A spectacular show, that is there only for your pleasure…


Title: “When a tree falls…”
Performed and edited by Hayal Gezer
Video shot by Meray Diner

When a tree falls…

Do you hear it?

Do you hear the crash of the trunk, and do you feel the pull of the roots?

The leaves rustling, the skin of the tree crackling, breaking crumbling, do you hear it?

And where does the sound end?

Where does the body begin?

A performance draft by Hayal, dealing with the intangible relationship between the body and place, and the exploration of the outline of the body and the outline of the habitat. “When a tree falls” is exploring the challenges, a complicated geography can propose on an individual. It is a cross-disciplinary work in progress where sense of belonging is being negotiated between the person and the space.