O P E N  C A L L: Project Room #7 at NiMAC

O P E N  C A L L

Project Room #7 at NiMAC

Spring 2022

NiMAC [The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre – Associated with the Pierides Foundation] announces an open call inviting artists or groups of artists interested in submitting proposals for the project under the general title Project Room at NiMAC. Through this programme, which started in 2009, NiMAC attempts to explore the Cypriot art landscape, asking artists to propose a new “work”, which will be inspired by the existing way that the Arts Centre is operating and will be in dialogue with the space, but also which will mark a new framework of perception and experience.

Taking form in a specified space within the premises of the Old Powerhouse –different each time–, Project Room acquires its own substance and is transformed into an incubator; an environment that promotes synergies, diversity and risk. Each time, this particular project is an open and flexible space, within which emerging and established artists can interact, communicate and exchange ideas through existing works, or works specifically made for the space. Through the alternative events taking place in the framework of the programme (discussions, theoretical presentations, exhibitions, performances, etc.), Project Room essentially challenges the ways in which we perceive and understand art today. In addition, the project seeks to promote artistic research, experimental expression and investigation, dialogue and collaboration, thus contributing to the quest for new directions in contemporary art and to the substantial involvement and understanding of modern-day modes of thinking and artistic production.

For Project Room #7, artists or group of artists should submit comprehensive proposals for the Auditorium space of the Old Powerhouse building, which is highlighted in yellow on the attached floor plan. 

In addition to explanatory visual material, the proposals should be accompanied by a text of up to 500 words, which will clearly describe the proposal rationale and its relation to the philosophy of the programme and the space. The proposal should also include a clear reference to details relating to possible parallel actions that will be part of the “work”. Moreover, the proposals should be accompanied by a short biography of the artist. All proposals must be submitted to the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre by Friday, 11 February 2022 in electronic form at info@nimac.org.cy.

The selection of the artist will be made by the curatorial committee, which consists of: Dr. Elena Stylianou, Associate Professor in Art History and Theory at the European University of Cyprus, Maria Efstathiou, curator at NiMAC and Dr. Yiannis Toumazis, Professor of Art Theory at Frederick University and Director of NiMAC.

The selected artist will collaborate with NiMAC’s curatorial and technical teams for the presentation of his/her work and will receive the amount of €3,000, which includes both the production and the technical preparation of the proposed work so that it can be exhibited in April–May 2022. In addition, the artist will have to work with the creative team of NiMAC for the preparation of a publication featuring his/her work, the total cost of which should not exceed the sum of €2,500.

Note: The curatorial committee reserves the right not to select any of the submitted proposals. 

Project Room #1 (2009) entitled Caught in the Act presented artist Elina Ioannou. Project Room #2 (2010) hosted artists Antonis Antoniou and the Paravan Proactions team (Melita Couta and Haris Kafkarides), who collaborated to present RainZonanceS 3 (an installation comprised of three basic elements: a soundscape environment, a platform/stage area and a series of parallel events with guest artists). Project Room #3 (2012) was organized by artist Panayiotis Michael, who put forth a proposal for the project Scenic Affairs dealing with the visual and narrative side of theatrical acts. Project
Room #4
(2012), produced in collaboration with Goethe Institut, invited the well-known artist/ photographer Ricarda Roggan, who presented her new work Preparation Stage, which she made in Cyprus in the form of photo workshop. Project Room #5 (2014), produced in collaboration of NiMAC with the Centre of Research and Restoration of Museums of France (Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France) and the Louvre Museum, featured American artist Suzan Kleinberg, who presented her new video installation entitled Kairos.  In Project Room #6 (2021) visual artist Lefteris Tapas created an installation entitled the day begins at night. 

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