NiMAC starts to actively collaborate with universities by offering internships to students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These positions are open to individuals who share a keen interest in learning and participating in the intricate and diverse processes of a cultural institution dedicated to advancing modern and contemporary art. Young people who are affiliated with a university and have a genuine passion for engaging with cultural endeavors are encouraged to explore these valuable opportunities.

The subsequent list outlines the diverse areas within NiMAC where internship opportunities are available. It is important to note that the availability and quantity of intern placements can vary each semester (Spring and Fall) based on current staff availability and ongoing projects.

Note: Individuals selected each semester are expected to work at NiMAC 15-20 hours per week, but the schedule is flexible and can be arranged in consultation with each individual.



Α. Curatorial and Archives

Curatorial interns play a pivotal role in collaborating with curators on various aspects of exhibition development and management, and archival initiatives. Successful candidates for this position should possess a foundation in art history, particularly in modern and contemporary art. In addition, strong research skills, including proficiency in library research, and excellent writing abilities are essential qualifications for prospective curatorial interns. Interns in this role actively contribute to diverse projects, including conducting research for upcoming exhibitions, crafting entries for exhibition catalogs, and developing insightful web entries focused on individual works of art. Furthermore, they engage in compiling comprehensive bibliographies, ensuring accuracy and depth in supporting exhibition narratives. Additionally, curatorial interns partake in the creation and delivery of tours related to exhibitions, providing an educational and enriching experience for the wider public.


Β. Design

Design interns are provided with a wide range of experiences and a designated “mentor” to guide and manage the workload. This position typically supports work in one or more of the following three different areas: a) exhibition design, b) digital and social media, and c) graphic design.

  1. Exhibition design: Interns in this role have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of the exhibition design, from conceptualization to the development process, which includes various stages and design elements (exhibition design, display of works, design of floor plans and 3D drawings/renderings for the presentation of works in the space, technical requirements, construction drawings, etc.).
  2. Digital and social media: Interns here actively participate in all facets related to promoting and disseminating NiMAC’s activities. This includes enhancing NiMAC’s online presence across diverse social media platforms, creating visually compelling materials and crafting engaging entries and posts to effectively communicate NiMAC’s initiatives to a wider audience.
  • Graphic design: Interns in this role apply their skills in visual research and communication to create the graphics of an exhibition, which includes, among other things, the creation of the visual identity and materials of an exhibition [design of logo, posters, banners, printed material, etc.].

Students who will be working directly with NiMAC’s design team should have advanced knowledge of graphics and visual communication, as well as proficiency in Adobe Suite.

  At the core of NiMAC’s vision and philosophy lies a commitment to education and public engagement. The overarching goal is to create an inclusive and unrestrictive environment where art becomes accessible to everyone, fostering a space that encourages the convergence of diverse audiences. Education interns play a crucial role in the realization of this vision by actively contributing to event planning, facilitating outreach and community programs, conducting research, and aiding in the development of educational resources, both physical and online. Their involvement extends to the execution of educational programs, guided tours, and various art-related events, further enriching the cultural experience for a broad spectrum of participants.

Candidates for this position should – but are not required to – have prior knowledge and/or experience in general education, museum studies and/or art education.

  • The multifaceted nature of the responsibilities of NiMAC’s interns in all above areas underscores the importance of a well-rounded skill set and a commitment to enhancing the accessibility and understanding of art within the broader community.





*  For the Spring Semester 2024 there are the following internship positions available:

  • 1 in the field of design,
  • 1 in the area of curation, and
  • 1 in the area of education

Deadline for submitting applications: February 9, 2024.

Applications for these positions must come directly from students, by the deadline date as announced through an online application form, found HERE.

If there is more interest than the available positions then a selection will be made by the NiMAC team based on the criteria below:

  1. Relevance of studies to the available position
  2. Transcripts
  3. Previous experience (if any)
  4. Year of study (priority will be given to postgraduate and 4th year undergraduate students)
  5. Student statement