Andreas (Andis) Ioannides: Χρόνοι της Γης (Earth Times) and Άπατρις Ύπνος (Stateless Sleep)


The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation [NiMAC] presents Andreas (Andis) Ioannides’ painting Χρόνοι της Γης as well as his poetic composition Άπατρις Ύπνος (Published by Rodakio).

Opening: 20 April 2018, 19:30 at the Theatro Polis OPAP
20-26 April 2018: Daily 10:00-14:00 except Saturdays and Sundays

Visitors will have the opportunity to see the painting Χρόνοι της Γης and listen to an excerpt of the poetic composition Άπατρις Ύπνος.

Andreas (Andis) Ioannides, born in Nicosia in 1939, is a versatile artist with a long-standing contribution to the culture of Cyprus. Since the mid-1950s, he has been presenting his work at group and solo exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. In the same decade, he introduced graphic arts to the island while working for non-profit organisations. Among other things, Ioannides was one of the founding members of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts and the Cyprus Photographic Society. He has illustrated books, magazines and posters, and designed coins, medals and stamps.

He worked in the fields of scenography, cinema, animation, photography, fresco, typography and engraving. He taught Art in Cyprus and abroad, wrote and published texts and gave lectures.

He published two poetry books, Χρωμόλευκο (1991) and Άπατρις Ύπνος (2018). A lot of his poetry still remains unpublished.

He has received international distinctions and awards. He was honoured at the United Nations headquarters for his contribution to the understanding of member states through his work (1989) and in Cyprus for his contribution to the reconstruction of the country (2001).

Theatro Polis OPAP

Tempon 10-12, 1016 Nicosia, T: 22797400,
(Across the Old Powerhouse Restaurant)