Write it. Pen pals in the Age of Quarantine

Write it. Pen pals in the Age of Quarantine

NiMAC [The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation] in collaboration with “Γράψε το. / Write it.” revive the handwritten letter correspondence. In this framework NiMAC and “Γράψε το. / Write it.” extend an Open Call for participation in the action “Write it. Pen pals in the Age of Quarantine”.

The exchange of handwritten letters has historically bridged matters of distance, as well as strengthen human relations. Furthermore, human history has been, amongst other, recorded via handwritten correspondence. People in pandemics, wars and depressions narrate and share their stories and experiences through their handwritten letters.

Therefore we call for adults to reminiscent on the era when they would exchange handwritten letters, as well as urge the younger ones who would want to try this traditional means of communication, to take part in this unique and interesting action.

We stay home and become pen palls, following the three steps mentioned below:

Step One: Take your mobile phone or a camera and take a picture relating to isolation (anything which triggers your thoughts). Share this picture on social media (Facebook/ Instagram) tagging NiMAC (@nimac_cy) and “Γράψε το. / Write it.” (@grapse.to), using the hashtags: #grapseto, #nimac and #nimac_grapseto.

Step Two: Inspired by this picture, take a pen and a piece of paper and write your letter on one page, unanimously, to an unknown recipient. The letter may include thoughts on this new reality, the new everyday life, one’s feelings, positive or/and negative reflections.

Step Three: Take a (good quality) photograph of the handwritten letter and send it to info@nimac.org.cy and allilographia@gmail.com. Please check your inbox in the following days, as NiMAC and “Γράψε το. / Write it.” will be sending you a handwritten letter, to which you will be asked to write a response, in a handwritten letter again. Finally, take a photograph of the response letter you’ve composed, and send it to info@nimac.org.cy and allilographia@gmail.com.

Important Note: 

Keep your two handwritten letters in two separate envelopes. Keep the picture which triggered and inspired your correspondence (the one you tagged NiMAC and “Γράψε το. / Write it.” and used the hashtags #nimac, #grapseto, #nimac_grapseto). This is vital as the original letters and photographs will be presented in due time at NiMAC.

Further guidelines and details:

Participants to this action may use prose or poetry, a real or fictional story which is relevant to the thematic, a true or fictional dialogue and so on. The main idea is to express oneself freely and spontaneously.

When the correspondence procedure described above comes to an end, all the handwritten letters and photographs will be uploaded on our webpage www.nimac.org.cy in the form of a collective e-book. This will be sent to all the participants of the action.

At a later date which will be announced in due date, all the material will be presented at NiMAC. During this presentation senders and recipients will meet and read there letters.

Deadline for sending the 1st letter: 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

info@nimac.org.cy and allilographia@gmail.com

Deadline for sending the 2nd letter:

Friday, April 24, 2020

info@nimac.org.cy and allilographia@gmail.com

Publication of curated (anonymous) correspondence:

Friday, May 8, 2020