Ground Floor

  1. THOC

THOC commemorates the milestone 50th anniversary of its establishment and invites the public to a blackbox with women’s costumes from performances staged during the pandemic, theatrical props and other things from various performances. 

Theatre aficionados and others, hurry up!


2. Dsignit

Plutarchos Frangoudis @dsignit believes that there are no useless materials and his work proves it. Wood, glass, metal and rope are transformed into impressive lamps that are worth seeing when lit.

Technology meets the materials of nature.


3. Open Up

A four-year cultural programme (2020–2023), co-financed by Creative Europe, which aims at highlighting and promoting under-represented artists, designers, craftsmen and performers in cities of the seven partner organizations (Spain, Greece, France, Finland, Sweden, Portugal and Cyprus). Through this joint project, new experiences will emerge and the careers of creative people across Europe will be enhanced.

With the Pierides Foundation as its leader, the programme is based in NiMAC.


4. ÷χρονικό 

Concept Store

The Cypriot figurines –votive offerings to deities– transformed into beautiful candles. The historical and traditional elements of Cyprus are restored in the form of current useful objects.

All handmade.



The loom –the traditional Cypriot device– is revived in the hands of Despo Ioannidou. Woven textiles, pillows, carpets, rugs, and lovely bags, all handmade.


6. Groovy the Store

This store is GROOVY!!!

It is happy, it has its own personality, character and specific point of view.

Come in and find what you see in small shops on your sidewalks in Rome and Paris and you thought you could not find in Cyprus.

• Vintage poufs, tropical mugs, retro world maps, zebras, lions and tigers on mirrors and pillows, birds and happy busts!


7. NiMAC Shop

At the NiMAC Shop you will find a wide range of items. Products of various designers and brands, as well as objects of artists who have participated in the Pop Up Festival in the past or people who have collaborated with NiMAC throughout the years are gathered under the same roof: Konstantinos Stefanou | OhMyGod! | Oh! It’s all so souvenir to me | T-tales | Yogi 8 | T-Square Studio etc. 


8. Workshop Space

Learn felting, African percussion and body percussion:

  • Felting, the oldest method of making fabric in the world, dates back to 6000 BC and has its roots in the vast steppes of Mongolia. It has unlimited possibilities and if you are fond of exploring handmade creations, you will certainly love it.
  • If you have an ear for music, come on board. African percussion is not aimed at music experts or professionals. You will be simply carried away with their rhythm.
  • Body percussion is the way you can make your own music by using just the body and its sounds. If you have imagination, we’ll be waiting for you.


  • Πεθαίνω σα Χώρα (Dying as a country) 
  • Tales of a Lost Self

Other activities: 

  • Public playgrounds: An educational activity for families 
  • Ceramics workshop


9. Colour Your Rights

The OMEP Cyprus Committee (World Organization for Early Childhood Education) in collaboration with FREDERICK University invites children to the Visual Action “Colour Your Rights”, which responds to the WORLD OMEP ARTISTIC PROJECT, which is coordinated by OMEP Cyprus. The aim is for children to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in relation to their rights through painting with a variety of materials and media.


10. Shaheer Zazai & Savina Ioannou

Shaheer, an Afghan-Canadian based in Cyprus, explores the development of cultural identity through painting, electronic media, and textile design.

Through her artistic presence, stained glass and paintings, Savina explores her personal story [digital media].


11. Creative Talent Powered by Frederick University 

Frederick University presents the concept store “Creative Talent” and a series of actions:

  • Creative Talent powered by Frederick University: Students and alumni of the university present their work, from books and engravings to furniture and other useful objects, works of art and handmade fashion items. The concept store has been set up by the Creative Lab of the university, which gives students the opportunity, through experiential learning, to apply what they learn.
  • Discussions: We talk about the city, art and the power of image with university academics and guests.
  • Visual arts for children: Visual arts activity entitled “Colour your Rights” in collaboration with ΟΜΕP – Cyprus Committee (World Organization for Early Childhood Education).



12. Γραμμές Αδέσποτες 

Engraver Despo Prigi –a renowned artist and recipient of the Telemachos Kanthos Foundation Award– sets up a small gallery with her old and new works.


13. 3S Design 

Art is not for the few nor necessarily expensive or inaccessible. So, it is art for everyone. And it is handmade, but at prices we usually see for industrial, mass-produced products.


14. RecyArt 

Julio transforms everyday objects destined for the trash into art objects. For three years now, the philosophy of “I do not throw anything away” practically proves our over-consumption.

The ultimate recycling.


15. Aphrogee

Or in other words, the smile of hope. Unique designs of clothes and accessories inspired by Africa and made in Cyprus by African artists. Part of the proceeds will support refugees and asylum seekers. 


16. Eimaste Collective

The “It takes a village to raise a child + How to dress for the end of the world by Astrid Johnson and the Parents Association Είμαστε is an ode to union and ultimate resistance. Constructions made of natural and recycled materials. Sales and exchanges. An invitation to work together for a different way to take care of our common needs, the environment and our children: simple, natural, and free.


17. Canteen Powered by Bolt Food

Bolt Food with various suppliers and collaborators.


18. Bonnie Eatery 

Bonnie Eatery offers the all-time classic sloppy joes, legendary 90’s cocktails, such as Cosmo, Long Island, Pina Colada and a lot more!

It started as a ghost kitchen during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and carries on regardless.


19. Μικροί Μάγειροι (Kid Pastry Chefs)

This workshop is the ultimate Christmas experience: Creative children’s confectionery workshops to decorate holiday cookies, cupcakes and many more delicacies.


20Loucia Serghiou Mosaic Studio & Brainfkr

Loucia revives the ancient art of mosaics inspired by Cypriot motifs, as well as by contemporary reality, making paintings destined to live literally forever.

Brainfkr Anna creates vivid, happy and colourful illustrations with pencil, ink pens and markers. 


21. Stamna Studio

Ceramists Elina and Maria established together Stamna Studio, a space for shaping ideas using clay as the main material. (Maria’s telephone: 99750600)


22. Dostou Chance 

Clothes in a different form, based on the principles of ethical change.

Vintage clothes, handmade jewellery, restored old furniture.

Conscious choice is an art of change!


23. Cyprus Sneaker Convention Powered by Show Me Your Kicks

Exhibition, presentation and sale of collectible shoes, clothes and objects.

On certain days, there will be an exclusive presentation of Air Jordan.

Do not miss this event under any circumstances.