Open Studio with Sylvat Aziz

Open Studio with Sylvat Aziz
Thursday, May 12th 2016
18.00-20.00- Open Studio
at NiMAC’s Educational Centre for Children, in Tempon Street.

Sylvat Aziz presents documents from her experience in Nicosia at the end of a two-month residency; mapping, photographing and exploring, facets of the city and region through digital collages. 

Sylvat Aziz is the artist in residence of the Fine Art Programme, University of Nicosia and is hosted by the Nicosia Municipal Art Centre: Associated with the Pierides Foundation. Aziz trained as a painter and printmaker at Pratt Institute NYC and Concordia University, Montreal. She currently teaches at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada. Her area of research is popular culture in Islam and comparative cultural studies.