Residency programme at Theatro Polis OPAP

Residency programme for Performing and Live Arts 

by NiMAC 

at Theatro Polis OPAP

April – November 2021 

The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation [NiMAC] extends an open call for proposals for artistic research and presentations at Theatro Polis OPAP, 

Nicosia, during the period 5 April – 30 November 2021. 

The objective of the residency programme is to connect to the city, and present to the 

audience(s), emerging and established artists and artistic groups from the fields of 

performance and live arts. The programme will focus at hosting and supporting participants during the research period of a proposed project, by granting the space to the successful applicants to conduct and develop their research. The main tools offered during this residency are the premises of Theatro Polis OPAP and all equipment included in this (lights, sound).

As part of their residency, the selected applicants are requested to organise and present up to three public events (eg. workshops, lectures, presentations, performances, screenings or any other public presentations) during their residency and within the premises of Theatro Polis OPAP. These need to be organised by the participants themselves, in consultation and 

agreement with NiMAC staff. 

Who it is for:

The residency aims at gathering emerging and established artists from the fields of 

performance and live arts, who are interested to further explore the foundations of their work. Applicants should be: 

  • Artists from the fields of performing and live arts: performance art; interdisciplinary artists or artistic groups; artists whose work is based on research
  • Residents of Cyprus or Cypriots living abroad
  • Applications may be structured upon existing works which have not yet been presented to the public, or new works and ideas


The duration of the residency is for a maximum of three weeks per resident or group. This may be three consecutive weeks, or sparse dates of a total of three weeks. 

Space and equipment 

  • Use of the space/stage of Theatro Polis OPAP, with dimensions 10m x 10m 
  • Use of equipment within the theatre by the residents, including light and sound apparatus and the operating console (rules and regulations apply)

Public presentations 

Residents are required to organise2 up to three public presentations at Theatro Polis OPAP, which will be decided in consultation with NiMAC. The public presentations may be in the form of workshops, open rehearsals, presentations, talks, performances, screenings etc.


The following information should be sent to by Monday, 1 March 2021, in a sole document:

  • contact information 
  • artist’s website / social media profiles / any online content
  • proposed residency dates 
  • a short biographical note in Greek or English (not more than 250 words) 
  • a written proposal of the project they aim to research during their residency (not more than 400 words)


  • The final number of the applicants who will be selected will depend on the general programming of Theatro Polis OPAP
  • If necessary, applicants may be invited for an interview for further discussion and analysis of their proposal
  • NiMAC reserves the right to not justify to the applicants whichever decision they make regarding their selection 
  • Participants will be selected by a committee formed for this purpose
  • Changes to the residency programme may apply due to any heath measures announced by the Ministry of Health to limit the spread of Covid-19