Online Educational Programme

Online Educational Programme (Skype)

Duration: one hour, 11:00-12:00
April 2020: Tuesday 21, Thursday 23, Tuesday 28 and 30 April
Maximum number of children participating in online class: 8
For children 6 to 11 years old

Subject: Make a pop-up booklet with works by Glyn Hughes. We’ll talk about the artist’s work and practice, look at painting and theatrical studies by the artist, and talk and discuss

In this educational programme we will look at Glyn Hughes’ practice. We will concentrate on the work “Karaghiozis in Distress” (1964) and with the help of the material which is uploaded and which you can download, each child will make their own pop-up booklet with the figures of the above mentioned work of the artist.

Before the start of the lesson, the children must have ready the following:

  1. Printed PDF file with all the images, shapes and pages – download HERE
  2. Pair of scissors
  3. Crayons or/and coloured pencils or/and felt tip pens (not paints which need water and time to dry)
  4. Glue stick
  5. Masking tape or speed-fix tape (if possible)
  • It is important for the children to have everything from the above list ready and accessible to them, so that they can concentrate without distractions. 
  • If the child is not comfortable cutting out the figures by oneself, an adult may help the child to cut these before the start of the lesson.

Aims of the online educational programme:

  • The children will learn to look at works of art through an alternative environment (cyber)
  • They will come in contact with and learn to appreciate contemporary art
  • They will learn to express their personal experiences through art and through creating
  • They will access the creations of others and themselves, too
  • Appreciate and accept the ideas and opinions of other participants
  • Learn concepts through practical methodology
  • Reinforcement of imagination
  • Creating their own visual art piece and pop-up booklet
  • Develop self-esteem as well as the ability to resolve issues during the creative processes
  • Encouraging the expression of oneself through visual arts

Note: If there are both english-speaking and greek-speaking children following the same class, then this will be delivered simultaneously in both languages (the educator will be translating).

The scope of this programme and the preparation steps needed, is primarily for the children to engage in this creative activity through technology. And secondly, to allow parents working from home to have (a short but fundamental) time frame to do their own work.

Send your request for a reservation at
In this communication please mention which date you would be interested in, the name and age of your child and a phone number.
There will be a first-come-first-served policy.