hypersurfacing: Artists’ talks, moderated by Ioanna Gerakidi


A listening for subverted witnessings
Artists’ talks, moderated by Ioanna Gerakidi

Saturday, 30 November 2019, 16:00 (in Greek)

In listening for subverted witnessings curator and art writer Ioanna Gerakidi will moderate talks by the artists participating in the hypersurfacing exhibition. Drawing on the works presented in the show, the conversation will pivot around diverse ways of looking. In this context, the artists will talk about their practice and the ways in which it engages with potential methods of challenging the canonical connotations of looking at, listening to, reading into, and touching on what is present and perceptible. Through a series of analyses, comments or quick remarks on the works, the artist’s talks will also focus on the subjects of personal and collective archives, expanded or eliminated materialities, and thinking across fact and fiction not as antithetical forces but, rather, as complementary ones. Themes arising from the historical, the auto-ethnographic, the poetic or the rationally uttered, the urban or the peripheral, stated both literally and metaphorically, will also be discussed in their relation to the artists’ works, thoughts, and practices.

Ioanna Gerakidi is an art writer, curator and educator based in Amsterdam and Athens. She holds a BA in Media and Communication Studies (University of Athens) and an MA in Critical Studies (Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam). Her research subjects rotate around the philosophies of language and paralanguage, feminist and queer studies, performance, and anti-colonial studies. In her work, she focuses on alternative methods of sociability, reaching the impossible, staying with the unknown. Among others, she has worked on or curated group shows and events for LIMA, Amsterdam Art, Athens Biennale, Hot Wheels Projects, Subrosa Space Athens, Stoa42 and Snehta Residency. Her texts, when acting as performative gestures or object based works, have been presented at Kunstverein Amsterdam, De Stroom, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, CAC Vilnius, Haus N Athen, Athens Festival, Performance Biennial, and BIG – Biennale Interstellaire des espaces d’art de Genève. She has contributed to several publications, platforms and magazines (such as Collecteurs and Mister Motley), while she has also lectured or initiated and led workshops and reading groups at several academies and alternative educational programmes, some of which include the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Rupert, the Athens School of Fine Arts, Document & Contemporary Art PhD programme, BAK and Noiserr. Some of her past and forthcoming residencies include: Rupert Residency, Syros Sound Meetings, Paf and the NEON Curatorial Exchange Program. Currently she is co-curator of the programme of State of Concept (Athens) and mentor to the participants of the ONASSIS AiR residency programme (Athens). In October 2020, she will be starting her PhD research in the Arts & Humanities Department of the Royal College of Art, London.