“180C” is a new live performance by visual artist Nikolas Kasinos, which is being developed within BRIDGES Residency program, organised by the artistic structure .pelma.Lia Haraki in collaboration with NiMAC [Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation]. 

The performance investigates the friction between memory and identity, within the current era of hyper-information and technological assimilation. Particularly how technology and social media are altering our way of thinking and interacting with each other. Trapped between observation and expectation, the real and virtual; the performance draws parallels to the obsessive compulsive and attention deficit disorders and tries to locate the self in this equation vis-a-vis, as well as in the presence of a live audience. 

An intimate, disjointed journey, through the unpredictability and absurdity of the mind.

Using performance and video art, Kassinos’ artistic practice examines issues related to identity, gender, transformation and mutation. This examinations is done through the observation of human behaviour as it is exhibited in the media, popular culture, online and within socio-political structures. Using his body as a medium he explores the collective representation of ‘the self’ within these aforementioned contexts. 

The work is comprised by a live performance, a video performance, audio-visual installations and photography.

Sunday, September 22, at 20:30 

Theatro Polis OPAP

liaharaki.com –  / nikolaskasinos.com@nikolaskasinos

* 180C by NIKOLAS KASSINOS is in the frame of the BRIDGES residency

* BRIDGES is part of the POLITISMOS programme of the cultural services of the ministry of Education and Culture.