We were hoping to meet physically this time, but the world is still in semi-lockdown. So we have to adapt and be creative! That is why we decided to run TEH90 online on 10 December. Still talks, workshops and art performances will be livestreamed from Nicosia.

“Open Up: Performing culture in contested places”.

Open Up explores how, in this era of divisions and partitions, of segregation and exclusion, culture could play an active role in allowing new forms of community relations to emerge. Through its various activities, Open Up aims at shifting away from separation, by providing a strong, active and sustainable platform for creative synergies. The project aims at building sustainable art practices amongst underprivileged communities in each participant city. Open Up consists of a transnational network in the fields of art, culture, performing arts, urban and social issues.

Together we will discuss how arts and culture can keep us connected in this era of divisions and segregations, of partitions and exclusion.



10:00-10:10 (CY) / 09:00-09:10 (CET)
Welcome by NiMAC team

10:10-11:40 (CY) / 09:10-10:40 (CET)
Workshop IntuNition (by Lia Haraki)
IntuNition physical and vocal practice will be a warm up that will be live-streamed for an international audience. It is based on a developed method by Lia Haraki that uses repetition and variation to consciously transform the present moment in performance time. The session is ideal for anyone that wants to tune in to their intuitive knowing as a tool to improve their physical improvisational and vocal skills. the workshop will be accompanied with sounds of live electric guitar by Sakari Laurila.
You can read more about the practise here
The workshop was held in various places before, including Nicosia, Limassol, Cologne, Venice, Thessaloniki, Prague.

11:40-11:50 (CY) / 10:40-10:50 (CET)
Secret coffee recipe

— Break —

A way forward
12:00-12:05 (CY) / 11:00-11:05 (CET)
Interview of the Mayor of Nicosia

12:15-13:15 (CY) / 11:15-12:15 (CET)
Within the context of DISCE, NiMAC presents a panel discussion focusing on the shifting ground on which culture is set.
A round table discussion – A way forward: Cultural Policies for shifting gear or shifting ground?
The cultural sector is indisputably one of the hardest hit sectors in this pandemic. The current restrictions and lockdowns threaten the already brittle cultural scene. If these measures are implemented for extended periods or even intermittently, the cultural sector could be affected indefinitely. Policies to support artists, performers and independent cultural workers during these difficult times, have not performed well in some / most cases.

Yiannis Toumazis (Director of NiMAC and Professor in Art History and Theory at Frederick University)

Marina Maleni (Τheatre Development Officer, Cyprus Theatre Organisation)

Nihal Soganci (Creative Director at Buffer Fringe, and Home for Cooperation Administration officer)

Monica Assimenou (Art Theorist)

and Burak Sayin (Trans Europe Halles, DISCE programme)

For more, click the links below:

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DISCE Newsletter 

13:30-14:30 (CY) / 12:30-13:30 (CET)
Keynote by Bogomir Doringer(Artist, Curator and Researcher) – From ” I Dance Alone” to “Dance of Urgency”
Doringer will present his project “I Dance Alone” that looks onto dance floors from a birds-eye view to extract knowledge but also to understand what all those dances are about. What do people move for? He will be speaking about the term “dance of urgency” that he coined. The latter is a dance genre that rises in times of personal and collective crises, and it aims to empower individuals and groups. He will also address the issue which arose during the pandemic, with dancing not being allowed.
Doringer’ research revolves around how movement, such as dance, can transform a person, group, city, landscape, banded architecture, economy, and how dance as a practice resonates from the body to others and even spaces. He is interested in how spiritual and activist ideas can be implemented through dance culture.

— Lunch break —

Art to Open Up
14:45-15:30 (CY) / 13:45-14:30 (CET)
ART YOUR SERVICE a video documentation based on ‘The Performance Shop Concept’
ART YOUR SERVICE is a video by Sakari Laurila from the Opening of the Kypria International festival which was directed by Lia Haraki based on “The Performance Shop Concept”. The opening event took place on 1st September 2019, where several artists presented their works in the streets of the old City of Nicosia (Cyprus), inside the windows of shops and through alleys and squares. ART YOUR SERVICE is a reminder of how bringing performing arts into the city changes the cityscape and the ways people relate to each other.
Participating artists include: Marios Ioannou, Dimitris Chimonas & Enacttheatre, Loukia Pierides, Marina Genadieva, Korallia Stergides, Marios Takoushis, Magda Argyridou, Elena Gavriel, Christianna Eftychiou, Lia Haraki, Alex Miklosy, Melina Sofokleous, Annie Chouri, Hamilton Monteiro, Stelios Xydias, Andreas Stefanou, Eleana Alexandrou, Petros Konnaris, Panos Bartzis, Maria Kasapi, Georgia Andreou, Emily Cutler, Panayiota Nicolaou, Andria MIchaelidou, Stephanie Pastella.

Performance screenings

15:35 (CY) / 14:35 (CET)
Periphora by PASHIAS
16:00 (CY) / 15:00 (CET)
Clutch by Mixalis Aristidou (Part of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts 2020 Programme)
 17:00 (CY) / 18:00 (CET) 
History Lesson by Argyro Nicolaou (Part of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts 2020 Programme)
18:00 (CY) / 19:00 (CET)
Place Holder by Monica Day (Part of the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts 2020 Programme)

Register here to the workhop Border Kitchen online Cook Along, Led by Androniki Psarias,, 13 December 2020 More information here

16:00-19:30 (CY) / 15:00-18:30 (CET)

An-Othering: An interactive workshop in Performance and Photography by Ellada Evangelou and Despo Pasia (registrations)
This workshop aims to bring together photographic representations of non-Cypriots in Cyprus during British colonisation (1878 – 1960) and performative practices.
Starting from the photographic archival material we will explore ‘othering’ through exercises which will aim to make the body performative and open imagination to story-telling. Stream of consciousness writing, collaborative dramaturgy and image theatre (from Theatre of the Oppressed) will be used along the visual material. By navigating between the characters in the photographs, the characters we create and ourselves and by working between the past and the present we will generate an-other narrative on ‘othering’. Apart from the performative and textual outcomes the workshop will also generate new visual and audio material that will draw connections between participants, text and archival photographs.
We will work in small groups each consisting of three local participants and two participants from the Trans Europe Halles network working remotely from their respective locations in Europe. All material generated during and after the workshop will be hosted on an electronic platform

— Break —

19:30-19:40 (CY) / 18:30-18:40 (CET)
Workshop An-Othering: sharing the results

19:45-20:30 (CY) / 18:45-19:30 (CET)
SEXY YUPPIES a physical theatre performance
“Fantasy has one dreadful quality, it can disappear without a trace and leave you helplessly confronted with a nude reality”.
Direction / choreography: Lia Haraki
Dramaturgy / Band coordination: Sakari Laurila
Performance / creative contributors: Alexis Vassiliou (synthesizer), Arianna Marcoulides (ukulele), Eleana Alexandrou (guitar), Lia Haraki (bass), Sakari Laurila (drums)
Costumes: Arianna Marcoulides
Lights: Alexander Jotovic
Technical manager: Yiangos Hadjiyiannis
Production: .pelma.liaharaki


* Register here to the workhop Border Kitchen online Cook Along, Led by Androniki Psarias,, 13 December 2020 More information here


This event will be free of charge.

email us at info@nimac.org.cy