1st Volume

Release Date: 1995
No of Pages: 165
Size: 23.5x32cm
Language: Greek/English
ISBN: 960-7123-04-2
Price: €20.00

Book Description

The catalogue includes photographs of works presented in the exhibition and also photographs of fossil exhibits of ancient Cypriot art, exhibits of Byzantine art, engravings, and contemporary art exhibits. It also includes a great number of texts: “Fish fossils” by George Tornaritis, “Sailing depictions and fish symbolisms in ancient art” by Nota Kourou, Ancient Greek literature texts, “Fish in Christian art” by Nikos Gioles, texts of Christian literature, “Fish and ιχθύδια” by Mattheos Mountes, “Fish in modern Greek painting” by Chrisanthos Christou, “Dead nature with fish of Nicolas Vokos” by Agapi Paraskevopoulou, “Fish and fishing engraved by Greeks engravers of the 20th century” by Nicos Grigorakis, “Small modern Greek ιχθυονωπογραφία” By Kiriakos Ntelopoulos, “Fish of horror and the art poetry of Miltos Sachtouris”, “An unknown par excellence text of Solomos” by George Aristinos, “So reasonable the incomprehensible (of the fish)” by Aris Maragkopoulos and “Anst-Fish” by Giannis Kolokotronis. The resumes of the artists and a bibliography of pictorial resources are appended