Nicosia Pop-up Festival 2017

In the context of the organisation of Pop-up Festival 2017, the Nicosia Municipality in collaboration with the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Associated with the Pierides Foundation [NiMAC], extends an open call for proposals for the allocation of vacant shops and the organisation of events at the Old Municipal Market of Nicosia during the period 1–31 December 2017.

The major objective of the festival is to gather in the historical centre of Nicosia whatever innovative, inventive and creative exists today in the fields of entrepreneurship, entertainment and culture. Through the organization of the festival, we aim at the revitalization and revival of the Old Town of Nicosia by boosting entrepreneurship, either through commercial activity or through innovation, and the emergence of new talents through creation.

The project will be accompanied by a range of parallel activities –educational, cultural, recreational– focusing on the active participation of the public.

The proposals will concern the following areas:

  1. Innovation

Proposals concerning innovative ideas from new companies (start-ups).

  1. Commerce

Proposals by professionals or young entrepreneurs and artists in relation to retail trade.

  1. Art

Proposals relating to arts and culture (e.g. art exhibitions, installations, theatre, music, performances, dance).

  1. Education

Proposals of educational interest (e.g. workshops, courses, lectures and other related activities), which will be held in appropriate predefined spaces.

Festival venue, duration and opening hours

The venue for the Pop-up Festival 2017 will be the vacant shops at the Old Municipal Market in the Old Town of Nicosia.

Duration of festival: 1–31 December 2017 

Days and opening hours of shops:

Tuesday to Friday: 15:00–20:00

Saturday and Sunday: 11:00–20:00

Monday: Closed (During the festive Christmas season the shops will remain open for business)

Note: The opening hours should be strictly observed. However, these are not binding for those shops wishing to remain open or to hold scheduled events before the start of the scheduled opening hours. 

Participation cost (for those selected)

  1. For concession of a shop, the one-time participation fee is set at €200.
  1. For holding events/happenings, which will generate revenue (not applicable to shops), the one-time participation fee is set at €50.
  1. For holding events/happenings which will not generate revenue (not applicable to shops) the participation is free.

Deadline for submission of proposals

Proposals should be submitted:

  1. In person to our offices located on the corner of Tempon and Pentadaktylos Streets in the Old Town, Monday to Friday 09:00 – 15:00 by Friday, 3 November 2017, at 15:00.
  1. In electronic form to writing as Subject: Declaration of Interest for POP-UP FESTIVAL 2017 (please note that the file should not exceed 7MB) by Sunday, 5 November 2017.

For further information and clarification questions, please call at 22797400, Monday-Friday, 09:00–15:00. 

Selection Criteria

The selection of the proposals will be made on the basis of innovation, originality, quality and on whether the proposal is feasible and practicable.

Selection Procedure

  1. The final number of the applicants who will be selected will depend both on the final number of available shops and the available budget.
  1. Selection will take place in two phases: pre-selection and final selection. Applicants for short-listed proposals will be invited for an interview for further discussion and analysis of their proposal, if necessary.
  1. The Municipality and the Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre are not obliged to justify to any applicant whichever decision they make regarding his/her participation in the festival.
  1. Participants will be selected by a committee formed for this purpose.

Financial Support

Category A

(with regard to proposals which will generate revenue)

The Municipality will be responsible for the operational costs of the shops such as electricity and water (only where water supply is available).

Category B

(with regard to proposals which will not generate revenue)

  1. The Municipality will be responsible for the operational costs of the shops such as electricity and water (only where water supply is available).
  1. In addition, the Municipality will also cover part of the funds required for the implementation of events/happenings during the festival, which will not exceed 50% of the total budget. The maximum subsidy amount will not exceed €400.

Please note that during the final selection phase a detailed statement of expenses will have to be submitted for both categories. Original receipts or invoices are required for all expenses incurred.