REVOLUTIONS 1950-1960-1970

By Mel Gooding, Patrick Heron

Release Date: 1997
No of Pages: 140
Size: 22.5x29cm
Language: Greek
ISBN: 9963-42-230-6

Book Description
Catalogue of the exhibition with texts by Mel Gooding “The British art of the 50s’ ” by Patrick Heron “Painting of the 50s’ ”, “Cypriot art 1950-1974/ The relationship with Britain” by Eleni Nikita, “Allen Jones – Engravings” by Norman Rosenthal, “From Tiara to Mini: developments in British fashion 1947-70” by Dr Eleni Papadimitriou, “Revolution 1/Decade of the 50s’/ Birth of Rock n Roll”, “Revolution 2/Decade of the 60s’/ From Pop Music to Pop Culture”, “Revolution 3/Decade of the 70s’/ The collapse and rebirth of Pop Music” by John Vickers, “The Music in Cyprus after the Independence” by Dr Michael Stavrides, “The British cinema of the decades 50s’, 60s’ and 70s’ ” by Satwant Gill and “Cyprus and Movies 1950-1970” by Stelios Sakkas.